Self Storage – The Common Storage Solution

America is the leading consumer society in the world, and with such purchasing, comes the need for additional space to store our valued belongings.  To help solve the problem of not having enough storage space, many people turn to renting  self storage units,  portable box containers, or portable storage buildings.  In fact, the demand for additional storage space in the United States is so high, that there are over 53,000 self storage facilities located through the country, with 1 out of 10 American households renting storage space.

Portable Moving Boxes and Containers

Although the self storage unit rental is a good solution for many folks, it does not have the exclusive position of solving all storage needs.  The use of portable storage boxes that can be delivered to your home or business is another option.  Once the Storage Boxes are delivered to your premise, all you have to do is fill them up with your contents, and when you are finished, you call the storage provider back and they remove the Storage Boxes from your premises.  This type of service is great for people who do not need to access their stored items frequently.  Companies that provide this service are Pods, Door to Door, and SmartBox.

Portable Storage Facilities

However, for many people, the rental of self storage units or a portable storage container  may not be the storage answer.  And for folks that require mobility, the renting our acquisition of a portable storage building can be a superior option, and in many cases, the only option.  Additionally, as you are about to see, portable storage buildings can be used for many other things than storage.

Portable Storage Buildings range from simple storage buildings to cottages, cabins, shops and garages. In fact, portable buildings can be customized for almost any use – everything from portable offices, retail establishments, and even a back yard bar or man cave!


High Quality Portable Storage Buildings

Portable building manufacturers employ high tech construction techniques, including the use of truss plates and rigid-frame construction.  The result of which, creates strong and durable portable structures.  Portable Buildings are typically constructed of either steel siding or wood with roofs made of enameled steel or composite shingles.  And for folks that want to customize their portable storage building,your portable storage building can be wired for electricity, fitted with plumbing, and insulated.  The possibilities are endless!

Morgan – One of the Nation’s Leading Modular Builders

One of the top manufacturers of portable storage buildings in the United States is Morgan.  Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Morgan provides modular building solutions that have a 40 year limited warranty.  Clients choose Morgan to quickly answer space and expansion needs. Projects range from single offices or classrooms to multiple building complexes. Morgan is also the premier provider of Modular and Portable Facilities for Emergency Relief and Disaster Recovery and builds Modular buildings for Government and Military use, including Barracks, Bunkhouses, Cafeterias, Medical Facilities and Training Centers.  For more information about Morgan, you can check out Morgan’s website here at